The player character was once an ordinary person living in a different world. However, when they passed away, they found themselves reincarnated in a strange new world that was consumed by darkness. This world was a desolate wasteland, devoid of life and light, and the player was the only one alive.

As they explored this new world, the player discovered that the darkness that consumed everything had a life of its own. It was a malevolent force that sought to extinguish all light and life, and it was growing stronger by the day.

Despite the bleakness of their situation, the player refused to give up hope. They knew that they were the only one alive in this world, and that it was up to them to find a way to push back against the darkness and restore light to the world.

As the player journeyed through this dark, apocalyptic world, they began to discover hidden powers within themselves. They found that they could control the darkness around them, using it as a weapon to fend off the twisted creatures that roamed the world. They also discovered that they had the ability to manipulate light, creating small sources of illumination in the darkness.

The player's quest to restore light to the world was a difficult and dangerous one. They encountered many obstacles along the way, from deadly traps to monstrous creatures. However, the player remained determined, knowing that the fate of this world rested on their shoulders.

As the player delved deeper into the mysteries of this world, they uncovered ancient ruins and artifacts that hinted at a long-forgotten civilization. They also discovered that there was a prophecy that spoke of a hero who would arise to vanquish the darkness and bring light back to the world.

The player began to realize that they were the hero spoken of in the prophecy, and that their journey through this dark apocalypse was leading them to a great destiny. With their powers over darkness and light, the player would need to push back against the darkness and unlock the secrets of the ancient civilization to save the world.


The "darkend" were once normal inhabitants of the world, living their lives just like everyone else. However, when the darkness began to consume everything, they found themselves slowly fading away. At first, they didn't realize what was happening, but as time went on, they began to feel weaker and weaker, as if their very life force was being drained away.

Desperate to survive, the "darkend" discovered that they could prolong their lives by absorbing the life force of others. At first, they only took a little bit at a time, trying to keep their victims alive while still feeding off of them. However, as their own lives continued to dwindle, the "darkend" became more and more desperate, taking larger and larger amounts of life force from those around them.

As they consumed more and more life force, the "darkend" began to change. They became more savage and feral, their bodies twisted and distorted by the darkness that now consumed them. They were in constant pain, but they refused to accept that their loved ones were gone, wandering the world in a desperate search for those who had already passed on.

The "darkend" now hunt the living, not out of malice, but out of a desperate need to survive. They are constantly fighting against the darkness that is consuming them, and the less time they have left, the more savage and feral they become. They are driven by an insatiable hunger for life force, and will stop at nothing to get what they need.

Despite their monstrous appearance and behavior, the "darkend" are still sentient beings, and some of them still hold onto memories of their past lives. However, these memories are fading fast, and with each passing day, the "darkend" become more and more lost to the darkness that now rules their world.

twisted darkend

The "twisted darkend" were once normal inhabitants of the world, just like the "darkend". However, when the darkness began to consume everything, the "twisted darkend" were consumed by a different kind of hunger. They became obsessed with gaining power, believing that only by becoming stronger could they hope to survive in this dark, unforgiving world.

At first, the "twisted darkend" tried to gain power by absorbing the life force of others, just like the "darkend". However, as they continued to feed, they began to realize that the life force of others was not enough. They needed something more, something greater.

Driven by an insatiable hunger for power, the "twisted darkend" began to devour everything in their path. They consumed not just the life force of living beings, but also the very essence of the world itself. They tore down mountains, drained oceans, and destroyed entire cities in their relentless pursuit of power.

As they consumed more and more, the "twisted darkend" began to change. They grew larger and more monstrous, their bodies twisted and distorted by the power that now flowed through them. They became more and more savage, attacking anything and everything that stood in their way.

Despite their immense power, the "twisted darkend" were never satisfied. They always hungered for more, always seeking to become stronger. They saw themselves as the rulers of this dark world, and believed that their power was the only thing that mattered.

Now, the "twisted darkend" roam the world as unstoppable, malevolent forces. They seek out sources of power wherever they can find them, devouring anything and everything in their path. They are driven by an insatiable hunger that can never be satisfied, and the more they consume, the stronger they become.

Only the player, with their powers over darkness and light, has a chance of stopping the "twisted darkend" and saving what remains of the world. But with these monstrous beings growing more powerful by the day, time is running out.